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Power Lift Recliners

Built for comfort, styled to fit into your home. Made of solid construction, easy to care for and keep clean. A variety of styles, fabrics and materials to choose from. Built to last, easy to operate.

Assisted lift makes getting in or out of your seat less of an effort. Quiet motor operation is smooth and undisturbed.

Ranges of positions for the recliners to go from reading to a lay-flat position for sleeping.

These chairs offer better distribution of weight with feet adjustables to help level the chair to your floor.

Designed so you can rise from your seat with ease.

New innovations in recliners bring style, ease of use and hundreds of combinations to choose from. Enjoy comfortable new seating, control over reclining, lay flat positioning and assisted lift to a standing position in a short time with a conveniently wired remote control or wand that can be bluetooth enabled for programming. Allrite carries a wide range of factory new Golden, Homelegance and VivaLift® Recliners and Power Chairs.

“It doesn’t seem that long ago that recliners were operated with large clunky handles or levers sticking out from the side of the chair with only the one option. Pull the handle and the footrest would pop out and the chair would suddenly slide into a reclining position that you would have to settle yourself into and adjust.

Those days are long gone thanks to a lot of creative imagination and a forward thinking approach in the industry. Today’s power recliners and lift chairs are constructed with better and lighter materials. The seating is more plush and comfortable to sit in without all those boxlike springs underneath. Those awkward levers have now be replaced with duel motors that are operated by a hand held control that responds to the subtlest of movements and have abilities to pair with your devices. Power chairs and power recliners are not just for medical needs any longer. They provide comfort and beauty for any home!

Staff Pick: VivaLift® Power Recliners

Staff Pick:

VivaLift® Power Recliners


The most comfortable recliner in the world from Pride Mobility. With a wide selection of fabrics and features, these recliners improve health and look good in any home.

Features Include:

  • Power Headrest
  • Power Lumbar
  • USB Remote
  • Lithium Battery Backup
  • Footrest Extension
  • Power Backrest.

Standard Positions:

Recliner Positions

Standard Positions:

  • Relaxed
  • Reclined
  • Upward Lift
  • Infinite Lay Flat
  • True Infinite
  • Upward Lift.

Optional Positions:

  • zero gravity
  • Trendelenburg
  • Chaise Lounger.

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