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Parts & Accessories

Add some accessories for style or a little extra safety for your mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs. Need better traction or a smoother ride? What about new Mobility scooter tires that are foam filled, flat-free or pneumatic tires designed for longer use with less wear and tear and better gripping on surfaces with more stopping power.

Looking to replace a steering tiller or battery boxes and covers? Find a nice selection of ergonomically designed wrap around tillers that respond to the slightest touch. And if you need new LED headlights or headlight covers or even replacement lenses from worn lights for better night visibility, we have you covered..

When it comes to safety accessories, we carry visual flags that extend high enough so that you’re seen by traffic from your scooter or wheelchair. Speaking of being seen, maybe a rear view mirror mounted to the tiller is what you need. We can also replace or install fly out armrests that keep you in your seat and move for easy entry and exit. We can also help if you need a larger scooter seat, wider footrests or neck and back supports.

Need a new on-board or off-board charger or want a replacement? Maybe you need a cane clip bracket or an oxygen tank holder? A cup holder or cell phone holder or maybe you need extra storage baskets or a carry all for your needs. Allrite Mobility can help make your scooter or wheelchair meet your standards and lifestyle to keep everything within reach and uncluttered.

A quick word on Lifts, gates & Ramps

Lifts, gates and ramps are designed to be easily attached to the back of the car or SUV (please check the manufacturer vehicle specifications) to load and unload a mobility scooter or power wheelchair. They are constructed out of strong lightweight materials that can take up the loads and displace the weight to your car, van or SUV.

Ramps can be extended to the street or curb for the scooter to  drive on and then be secured in place. It should be noted that you should never be in the scooter or wheelchair while it is being transported. Ramps can also be angled and the extended gate can be put into an upright position to add extra protection.

Lifts are designed to take up the weight of the scooter or wheelchair using hoists and motors. After your scooter or chair is attached they raise up and swing into position to  secure to your vehicle. These devices are quiet and efficient taking up less space when not in use.

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