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E-bikes or electron bikes are the newest innovation in electronic hybrid bicycles. E-Bikes are built for manual or electronic powered operation and can cover over forty miles at speeds of up to 20 MPH on a single charge. In this era of going green, e-bikes are the next great thing for traveling to work or for fun.

Solidly constructed with strong, sturdy frames and thick walled tires. Designed to be up and moving in a few simple movements, (just like riding a bike), and features multiple gears, horns, turn signals and headlights. A great alternative to transportation powered by batteries.

New thinking to the way going green is more realistic of a solution to being carbon neutral.

The next generation in smart traveling. Electric bikes are no longer just for fun but with new advances in designs and powerful motors, the roads are opening to new venues of travel for work. E-bikes are where the country is heading in the next decade for lowering Carbon emissions and acting in a more responsible and greener way of thinking.

Constructed from solid frames, and engineered to be fast, quiet, and can go the distance. Every detail has been taken into consideration in these new electric bikes from safety to look and feel. Powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that provide long life per charge cycle, and a powerful torque to pedal ratio. These e-bikes can be powered manually or switched over to electric power for a boost of speed when you have the need for travel. A great alternative for commuting on short to medium rides where riding conditions are safe.

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