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Gates, Ramps and Lifts

Carriers for mobility scooters and power wheelchairs that attach to your car, van or other transport. Easy to use and maintain. made from solid steel construction. These lifts can be manual or electric with added security features to keep your scooter or wheelchair safe and intact during transport. Easily transport your power scooter or wheelchair anywhere with a mobility scooter carrier, lift or gate. Allows for easy loading and unloading. Some models offer positional ramps which can be easily folded with an attached handle for tailgate or hatch access. With a hitch attachment some lifts/carriers can fold up against the back of your vehicle when not in use to make driving and parking easier. With their compact size some models allow you to park your car in your garage without removing them. Designed to make operation an ease of use. A simple grab and pull when you need to position the loading ramp. Durable and lightweight while made of solid construction.

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